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Kyoshi (Instructor)
Kiyoshi Calvin Nakama
Calvin Nakama

Calvin Nakama Sensei was born in Okinawa and moved to Hawaii in 1976.  He went back to Okinawa to attend the First Worldwide Uchinanchu Taikai, and returned to Hawaii inspired and wanted to get more involved in the Uchinanchu community.  Nakama Sensei became one of the founding members of the Ishikawa Kobudo Taiko in 1990.  In order to provide musical accompaniment for taiko performances, Nakama Sensei began uta-sanshin training under Master Grant Murata.  By 1994, he was proficient enough to take and pass the Shinjinsho (Beginning Certification Level) exam.  Nakama Sensei increased his practice and study which enabled him to obtain his Saikosho (Senior Certification Level) in 2007.  At that time, along with Masters Kenton Odo and June Nakama, they were the first foreigners (non-Japanese citizen) to pass Saikosho for classical uta-sanshin.  Nakama Sensei was awarded his Kyoshi certificate in 2008 under Master Grant Murata.  He continues to lead Ryuukyuu Kobudo Taiko classes and also co-teaches uta-sanshin classes at the Ryukyu Koten Afuso Ryu Ongaku Kenkyu Choichi Kai USA Hawaii Aiea Studio.

Kiyoshi Melissa Uyeunten
Melissa Uyeunten

Melissa Uyeunten Sensei is multi-talented having achieved proficiency in both Okinawan uta-sanshin and dance. Under the tutelage of Master Grant Murata,  Uyeunten Sensei began learning uta-sanshin in 1990 at the age of 13. She also became interested in Okinawan dance and joined Senjukai Hawaii Okinawan Dance Academy and became a student of Frances Nakachi Sensei in 1999. Uyeunten Sensei was awarded the Okinawan Prefectural Government scholarship in 2001 and studied at the Okinawa Prefectural University of Fine Arts in Naha, Okinawa. During this time she honed her skills in uta-sanshin and dance as well as learning the culture and language. She achieved her Shinjinsho for dance in 2010 and her Kyoshi (teaching certificate) for uta-sanshin 2012. Uyeunten Sensei also serves as President and instructor of Hawaii Eisa Shinyuu Kai, an organization which promotes Okinawan style Eisa drumming and dance at bon odori and Okinawan cultural functions held throughout the island of Oahu and also neighbor islands.

Kiyoshi Chikako Murata
Chikako Shimamura Murata

Chikako Shimamura Murata Sensei started learning Afuso Ryu uta-sanshin in 1992 from Master Grant “Sandaa” Sadami Murata Sensei; Shihan, founder and Artistic Director of the Ryukyu Koten Afuso Ryu Ongaku Kenkyu Choichi Kai USA and the Ryukyu Koten Ongaku Gensei Kai, Hawaii Shibu.  She attained her Shinjinsho in 1999 at the 34th annual Ryukyu Koten Geinou Koku-ru for Uta-Sanshin (Ryukyu Shinpo).  Murata Sensei has performed in multiple State-wide and Okinawa recitals where she perfected her vocal and uta-sanshin talents.  In 2010, she attained Yuushuusho for Ryukyu Koten Ongaku Uta-Sanshin (Ryukyu Shinpo) in Okinawa and and  her Kyoshi Menkyojo in 2012 under Master Grant Murata.  It was also in 2012 that the Grant “Sandaa” Sadami  Murata & Chikako Shimamura Murata Uta-Sanshin Studio was established in Nuuanu, Hawaii.  In addition to teaching, Murata Sensei continues being an integral part in the Jiutee group for Ryukyu Koten Afuso Ryu Ongaku Kenkyu Choichi Kai USA in Hawaii and around the globe.

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